We design and support outstanding business communication solutions. We do this by providing bespoke solutions using our own in-house experts. We will also help you leverage Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams.

Get answers quicker and expert advice when you need it

We take ownership of your entire telecommunication needs. We do not outsource our solutions nor support, so you don’t have to deal with any third parties.

Faster resolution to your issues

Because we provide our own in-house solutions and support you get a faster response and resolution.

Diverse connections across a host of carriers

We are an independent supplier of WAN services providing a flexible and diverse combination of network connections. We provide the best connections to meet your price point with the right level of diversity to ensure your critical business applications are always online.

A bespoke solution to meet your exact requirements

You get a truly customised solution that works for you. We don’t provide off the shelf solutions and expect you to fit your business around them.

We speak your language

No matter what your level of knowledge or expertise we keep things simple, because we believe the best things are.

Networking, Telephony & Video Solutions

Wide Area Network

Improve productivity and reduce cost. Deliver a smart, reliable foundation for your essential services.
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Telephony Systems

Expert advice and in house expertise, delivering bespoke Telephony solutions to meet your exact requirements.
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Video Conferencing

Enable your people to collaborate anytime, anywhere from any device while driving down cost with Telesmart Video Conferencing.
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Cloud Services

Delivering New Zealand’s most powerful, flexible, feature rich and secure cloud communications platform.
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Managed Security Solutions

Protect your business from risk of downtime, reputational damage and intellectual property theft from cyber threats.
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Contact Centre Solutions

Telesmart delivers a comprehensive portfolio of customer interaction management solutions.
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WiFi Solutions

Powerful wireless solutions with a distributed architecture that are easy to deploy, manage and support.
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Telecommunication Services

Fast, cost effective solutions delivering Fibre, SIP and traditional analogue services.
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Whole Of Business

Bringing your voice, video and data to us ensures smart management of your entire communication platform.
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